It’s Lit was a holiday package made for the friends of Uncorked Studios that included our original hot sauce, a felt pennant, enamel pin, and custom packaging.


Product + Branding + Packaging Design
for Uncorked Studios
Art Direction:
︎︎︎ Matthew Noe

Design Lead + Creative Direction:
︎︎︎ Phillip Nguyen

Design Support:
︎︎︎ Melodee Dudley, Ali Gary, Emily Skaer, & Miguel Higgins-Moy

︎︎︎ David Ewald

A common challenge of giving out gifts each year (whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.) is how do you better your last good gift? Working with the team at Uncorked Studios, we aimed to top our holiday gifts the previous years by setting some stakes in the ground in determining that we wanted to do:
︎︎︎ Make something completely unexpected.

︎︎︎ Pick a theme that represented the whole year.

︎︎︎ Making as much as we could in-house and with our own hands.

︎︎︎ Create something that represented our brand through a design POV, without slapping a logo on something.

Initial type and sketch explorations for the word mark.

Early prototyping for the gift packaging for the 3 items done in-house with our laser cutter.

The design team on this project saw this opportunity to leverage our print roots and skills to showcase our skills outside of digital design, where we made use of tools such as our laser cutter machine we had in house to build and prototype potential packaging options.
We landed on using corrugated cardboard to not only house the three gift items, but also we designed it to be durable enough to ship in without damaging any of the contents.

Pin-up board breaking down the past onboarding experience before we broke it up and re-designed it.

Our custom box opened up revealing the contents inside (photo credit: David Ewald).

Along with doing custom illustration and type design for the pennant and pin, we also had our hands in recipe and bottle design for the custom hot sauce. We worked with Beaverton Foods to come up with our own blend for our sauce where they helped us do variations of the sauce along with some user experience testing with the bottle design to the viscosity and pour of the sauce. Anything we could have our hands in and leverage from a design POV, we tried to maximize with every opportunity.
Along with Beaverton Foods, we also strived to work with local and/or respectable companies such as Ways & Means and Oxford Pennant to help produce some of our items.

Bottle production for our Lit sauce at Beaverton Foods (Photo Credit: Matthew Noe).

Bottles of Lit Sauce (Photo credit: David Ewald).

Custom illustrated enamel pin (illustration design by Emily Skaer; photo credit: David Ewald).

Custom felt It’s Lit pennant (photo credit: David Ewald).

digital w/e designer
portland, oregon